Understanding How Water Works

Ironically, the key to success in the Vinyl Decking business (especially in Canada's unpredictable weather) is understanding how water works. Where and when it will penetrate. How much damage it will eventually do, not only to your deck but also to the house or building that deck is attached to.

Knowing how to waterproof effectively is what it is all about. The best vinyl decking money can buy badly installed is a total waste. The same is true in reverse.

And there's a lot to know. How to seal the seam just so, on a situation by situation basis. How to make sure water can't get between your deck and the house, or between the deck sub-floor and the vinyl cover, or the space below the deck.

Alberta Vinyl Decking & Railing Ltd. will sell you the product best suited to your project. And then we'll install it right. And if we don't, we'll guarantee to come back and fix it. That's our competitive edge!

Fully InsuredWe've got you covered!

We are Fully covered by Workers Compensation Board of Alberta as well as a 5 Million dollars Liability coverage.

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