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Is it Time For a Deck Renovation?

Has your deck become a topic of concern rather than a source of pride for you? Without question, our outdoor leisure spaces are subject to some of the most extreme variations in weather in addition to routine wear, so you may be considering a deck renovation. There are a number of options available to you, depending on the overall condition and structural stability of your deck that will determine whether this will be a small project or require a larger investment.

Is A Renovation Needed?

It could be simply that when you look at your deck, you see that the structure is starting to show its age. If the ravages of time and weather have started to take their toll on your outdoor space, you may not need a full renovation, just some additional cleaning and maintenance to restore its original luster. However, it is important to conduct a thorough assessment of the structural soundness of the deck as a whole, to get below the surface and ensure that all components are still in good shape. While a new coat of deck stain or paint be refresh the look of the deck, you want to ensure that your investment isn’t compromised because of a problem that you can’t see.

A well-maintained deck can last for a lifetime, but when our busy schedules keep us from routine maintenance year over year, the deficiencies that develop can signal a major repair or replacement. It’s best to catch problems early so that small, pro-active repairs can be made. At Alberta Vinyl Decking and Railing, we have consulted on many deck repair and renovation projects in Edmonton and area. Here’s our approach

Deck inspection

The first thing that we want to determine is the structural integrity of your deck. Before any cosmetic changes or upgrades to the deck, we want to ensure that your deck is safe and not growing to become a potential liability to your property. We check for screws and bolts that have become loose over the life of the deck, as well as those that may have rusted or corroded over time and require replacement. We’ll also check for loose nails and boards that need to be re-affixed.

But it’s often what lies beneath the surface of the deck that can impact the most important needs of your deck renovation. We will assess the condition of the footings, the stability of the joists and the connections that secure your deck to the exterior of your home. We check for moisture and water damage, signs of decay, or any other condition which may compromise the safety of your deck. If repairs or replacement are required, we communicate with you throughout the process to suggest options and work with you to reach a remedy.


Many homeowners take great pride in their deck space and are dedicated to their annual maintenance and cleaning schedule at the start and the end of the season. However, we also recognize that our increasingly busy schedules often prevent us from tending to some of the routine tasks that we think we’ll have time for later on. If regularly maintained, decks often require only a cleaning at the start of the season to scrub away any winter debris that has accumulated and then another cleaning in the fall before the snow flies again.

If a more thorough cleaning is required, we may use a power washer to help remove stains and debris that is a little more resilient.

Upgrading with a Vinyl Deck Renovation

One of the challenges that many homeowners report with their decks is the cost and effort required to ensure the maintenance of their wood surfaces. Re-staining and re-sealing the deck to make it weather-resistant can require a significant effort. We recommend exploring a vinyl deck renovation for all floor surfaces on your deck. Vinyl creates a waterproof canopy for your deck floor that is attractive and also serves to protect the structure beneath from the damages associated with standing water and moisture.

Available in a choice of colors to suit your individual taste and compliment the exterior appearance of your home, the migration to vinyl also reduces the work required seasonally for cleaning and maintenance.

Let’s Check Your Railings

The railing that stands as the perimeter for your deck is not just a safety measure for you and your guests, it also serves as a finishing touch to bring the look and feel of your deck together. Migrating away from traditional wood railings which are susceptible to the same nature of wear as your deck flooring and supporting structure, aluminum railings are becoming increasingly popular not only for their strength and sturdiness. Aluminum railings offer a variety of designs that allow you to customize the appearance of your deck’s perimeter for increased visibility or privacy depending on your setting and your test. The addition of clear or frosted glass panes in the design as well contribute to the aesthetic appeal of your deck that is sure to be appreciated by all.

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